Spread across five studios and two stages, Women’s Health Live is bringing you the biggest and brightest names in wellness industry. Get inspired, learn from the experts, and work out with your favourite trainers.

Join Jillian Michaels, Ella Mills, Anna Victoria, Rochelle Humes, Adrienne Herbert, and so many more! And we’re not finished yet – keep checking back as we continue to add more exciting names over the coming weeks.



Please purchase a General Access ticket via the homepage before booking your classes.

Your General Access ticket includes access to any talk on the Main Stage and in the Zen Den with no need to pre-book! You’ll also be able to discover the most exciting brands in health and wellness, from the latest athleisure in the Sunday School by Harvey Nichols to gym-proof skincare trends in the Beauty Hub.

Workout sessions and Science + Nutrition Stage tickets can be purchased for just £5 extra, so whether you want to sweat it out or soak up some knowledge, you can tailor your schedule to suit you.

Session tickets on their own will not permit entry to Women’s Health Live, you MUST have a General Access ticket to enter the festival.

Keep checking back for updates and new classes as we add to the schedule in the coming weeks!

Schedule and speakers are subject to change.

Main Stage

Live interviews and panel discussions with the biggest names in wellness (incl in general access tickets)

Journalist Bryony Gordon sits down with her close friend, model and mental health advocate Jada Sezer, to discuss how exercise became an unexpected tool in the management of their mental health and the importance of inclusivity in wellness.

Join us for an insightful and inspiration panel discussion with Jessica Ennis-Hill and her physio Alison Rose on how to work out safely during pregnancy, the exercises to prep you for birth and why the judgement towards mums-to-be who love to move needs to stop.

A decade on from the moment that changed her future forever, thriving Katie Piper chats to Claire Sanderson about how she’s fought to carve out a life on her own terms, reclaim her body after childbirth and why body confidence is forever a work in progress.

They control pretty much every function in your body, but how well do you know the ebb and flow of your hormones – or the benefits of working with them instead of against them?

WH Live headliner Jillian Michaels talks exclusively to Claire Sanderson about how she keeps her body in peak health, her take on the fitness industry today and how best to sweat your way into your forties.

Science and Nutrition Stage

Get the science-backed truths from the experts

It happens to most women, every month as it happens, but it’s surprising how little the average female knows about her own periods or menstrual cycle. Here, get all the intel you need, and learn the answers to all the questions you were too afraid to ask, from our panel of experts.

It’s the niche cannabis compound that’s become a wellness elixir, popping up in face creams, food supplements and bath bombs. What’s less definite is whether there’s any scientific basis to the buzz. In this talk, our panellists try to clear the haze.

Women’s Health surveys show most women want to lose pounds, but how does that weigh up against the desire to start a family? This panel of doctors, hormone experts and personal trainers talk to Amy Lane about how to find a sweet spot between the two.

Whether you’re looking to train for a triathlon, nail a proper pull-up or swerve injury while playing your favourite sports, having a fitness goal – and exercising in line with it – is a winning strategy.

Women’s Health’s resident skincare expert Dr Johanna Ward answers all of your beauty and skincare questions.

Zen Den

A cocoon of tranquillity to learn the more holistic approaches to wellbeing (incl in general access tickets)

Research shows the power of positivity can transform the way you feel, think and behave – and writing or saying affirmations about your key values is a great start. In this session, you’ll learn how to create the phrases that work for you and how to implement them into your day-to-day life.

Research shows the power of positivity can transform the way you feel, think and behave – and writing or saying affirmations about your key values is a great start. In this session, you’ll learn how to create the phrases that work for you and how to implement them into your day-to-day life.

Sweat Studio

High energy workouts to make you sweat

Alice will lead participants in a dynamic mobility warm up before Jess will take over to teach one of her signature workouts.
The Louisa Drake Method signature workout, Shape Changer is an effective cardio and strength based, total body workout. You will be led through a fusion of rhythmic and high energy dance cardio and plyometrics that is combined with LDM’s signature sculpting and strengthening material. Burning over 500 calories this class leaves you glowing, energised and motivated to come back for more.
PBB Floor Barre Burn is a highly efficient workout that fuses many disciplines.  The core of this class is dynamic Pilates fused in with floor barre conditioning, functional training and HIIT. The fusion of these  disciplines work every single muscle of the body including the deeper stabilising muscles to work you from the inside out so no muscle is neglected!
Join us for a 45 minute total body workout utilizing HIIT, metabolic circuits, and calisthenics.

Nike Trainers Kim, Courtney and Nez will be putting you through your paces and challenging you to learn new skills, get stronger, get technical, move faster, train like an athlete and ultimately – have fun!

Yoga Studio

Stretch, breathe and flow in our Yoga Studio

BTM blends mobility, groundwork, strength and play in a surprisingly sweaty, surprisingly challenging and super fun way.

It will challenge you both physically and mentally. You will squat, crawl, flow, twist and laugh.

It is not your average gym class. But then again, we aren’t interested in being average.

Warrior yoga is a unique combination of fighting techniques, gymnastics conditioning and traditional asanas (poses) all centred around the breath.

Expect to work up a sweat while learning basic strikes, kicks and inversions all integrated into a vinyasa style class, finishing with some calming stretching and meditation.

Mindful Movement Studio

Improve your techniques and learn how to prevent injury with some low impact methods

A session focusing on giving you the tools to help prevent injury when training through the use of foam roller and band work with Nike Trainer Luke Worthington.

Alice is passionate about understanding the why behind movements. In this session participants will understand how best to activate both their glutes and core before working out with simple but effective exercises.
A lot of us feel disconnected from our bodies through too much sitting and lack of movement. The first phase of the Hollywood Body Plan is the Reset, which seeks to activate your glutes, correct lower back and pelvic movement, improve hip flexibility, strengthen your core and integrate movement. This session gives you a taster of the movements you need to get you back in touch with your body.
Get ready to try London’s most effective no-sweat workout, loved by Pippa Middleton and Rita Ora! Barrecore expert teacher will guide you through a 55 minute full body workout, blending small intense isometric movements and stretches that intensely work and elongate every muscle group in your body. Barrecore is a low impact exercise suitable for any fitness level, but your body will be burning fat for up to 72 hours after class!