Spread across five studios and two stages, Women’s Health Live is bringing you the biggest and brightest names in wellness industry. Get inspired, learn from the experts, and work out with your favourite trainers.

Join Jillian Michaels, Ella Mills, Anna Victoria, Rochelle Humes, Adrienne Herbert, and so many more! And we’re not finished yet – keep checking back as we continue to add more exciting names over the coming weeks.


Please purchase a General Access ticket via the homepage before booking your classes.

Your General Access ticket includes access to any talk on the Main Stage and in the Zen Den with no need to pre-book! You’ll also be able to discover the most exciting brands in health and wellness, from the latest athleisure in the Sunday School by Harvey Nichols to gym-proof skincare trends in the Beauty Hub.

Workout sessions and Science + Nutrition Stage tickets can be purchased for just £5 extra, so whether you want to sweat it out or soak up some knowledge, you can tailor your schedule to suit you.

Session tickets on their own will not permit entry to Women’s Health Live, you MUST have a General Access ticket to enter the festival.

Keep checking back for updates and new classes as we add to the schedule in the coming weeks!

Schedule and speakers are subject to change.


Live interviews and panel discussions with the biggest names in wellness (incl in general access tickets)

Famous faces of British female sport, Olympic athletes Ama Agbeze, Aimee Fuller and Under Armour athlete Victoria Williamson spill on their own journeys to success, discuss how to close the gender pay gap and take questions from the floor.

What even is meditation? And can breathwork really help time-poor, stressed-out Brits take back control of their mental health? Leading experts in the industry discuss how tiny tweaks to your daily routine can elicit an extraordinary response. Includes an immersive demo by breathing expert Richie Bostock.

After years on the naughty step, carbohydrates are back in business – and, according to the leading health experts, that’s exactly where they should be. This talk, hosted by Women’s Health Editor-In-Chief Claire Sanderson, breaks down the importance of carbs and will teach you how to incorporate them into your daily diet.

You don’t have to be a ball-breaker to get to the top. Hear from three inspirational female leaders in conversation with WH Digital Editor Amy Lane as they discuss how being a compassionate colleague is the key to sustainable success.

British women possess some of the worst self-esteem and body confidence in the world – and is it any surprise when we let our inner critics run free? Claire Sanderson sits down with Clemmie Hooper aka Mother Of Daughters, mental health advocate Jada Sezer and psychiatrist Dr Sarah Vohra to discuss how to reframe the damaging rhetoric for ourselves and future generations.

Hitting back at the current wealth of misinformation around healthy eating, and never underestimating the power diet choices can have on a person’s emotions, nutrition consultant and lecturer Emilia Thompson sits down with Alice Liveing to level the playing field.

Science and Nutrition Stage

Get the science-backed truths from the experts

Taking on a tough fitness challenge? Want to make peak health a reality? Talking motivation and the neuroscience behind it, Dr Tara Swart, Dr Pete Olusoga and Wendy Searle discuss how to make your dreams a reality.

Research suggests the way you talk about yourself could be sabotaging your progress – in work, life and how you feel about your body. Hear what the experts have to say and how to change your rhetoric to live your best life.

When pills promise greater energy, a happy gut and optimum performance, why wouldn’t you pop them? Nutrition experts explore the controversial topic.

Into complexion-boosting ingredients? Like to wage war on wrinkles? Ready to know the truth about next-gen skin treatments? It’s time to learn about the trends that will help unlock your healthy skin formula.

Not sure if BMI is a worthy calculation? Want to know how female hormones affect fitness? Fat loss still your goal but not sure how to achieve it healthily? The sessions unpicks the science to deliver knowledge bombs and daily hacks to understand your body better than ever before.

Let those in the know provide you with short-term hacks and long-term strategies to achieve a healthier, happier, calmer life.

Zen Den

A cocoon of tranquillity to learn the more holistic approaches to wellbeing (incl in general access tickets)

Make every day work for you by learning the tried-and-tested daily practices of anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge and comparison coach Lucy Sheridan. Consider a happier, healthier life yours for the taking.

Anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge leads a group hypnotherapy session to train your brain to seek out the positives for a calmer, more content existence.

Confused about moon rituals? Or heard talk of working with the rhythm of the moon and want to know more? Kirsty Gallagher shows you how to bring the secret wisdom of the moon into your modern everyday life and how you can work with the different phases to bring about transformation.

The power is in your hands, according to Lucy Sheridan. You just have to learn to use it. Join Lucy and Kirsty Gallagher as they talk about how taking the time to create manifestations will change your life.

Sweat Studio

High energy workouts to make you sweat

A calorie-burning endorphin rush to increase your general fitness levels and maximise your stamina. There’s no complex choreography so this is something for everyone as you will learn a series of dance sequences to killer beats which concentrate on isolated muscle groups and work out your arms, legs, butt and everything else!

Get your party AND your pump on with Mr PMA!

Nike Trainers Kim and Courtney will be putting you through your paces and challenging you to learn new skills, get stronger, get technical, move faster, train like an athlete and ultimately – have fun!

Bodyweight battling to badass beats. Join Faisal Mr. PMA and Laura Biceps for a workout not to be missed! Build strength and character in this 45min session, bring your A-game and see you on the floor!l
Tone and tighten your glutes with this booty focused workout class where Anna Victoria will go over key tips for how to activate and engage your glutes, as well as get your heart rate up to help you both shed fat and tone your booty at the same time.
Join us for this 45min program that can be done outside, in the gym or at home. All you need is your body so there are no excuses.

Yoga Studio

Stretch, breathe and flow in our Yoga Studio

A dynamic vinyasa flow to kick Saturday morning off and leave you feeling energised, zen and fully mobile. There will be plentiful arm balances and inversions for the Rocket heads in the room and modifications for all those wanting to practice with a bit more chill. All levels and injuries welcomed.

A strengthening yoga workout incorporating yin with lower body focus, concentrating on flow and freeing tension in the hips.

A dynamic vinyasa flow incorporating arm balances and inversions as we move with the breath.

The never ending to do lists, non-stop notifications and tech overload mean that many of us are in a constant spin. This grounding yoga practice is all about releasing excess mental energy through movement and breath.

Dynamic Vinyasa – Enjoy this playful and creative yoga class as Will guides you through powerful yoga postures, in a flowing, upbeat yoga class. You’ll work on finding your inner power and use various energy and breath techniques during the session. You’ll live feeling energised and restored.

Together with their team, Sarah Hunt and DJ Darlo (Rosie Barker) present a unique brand of yoga that is spirited with infectious energy that holds true to yoga’s roots of self-love and finding the joy in movement. Disco Yoga blends traditional yoga and mixes blissful, energising sequences with a glorious set if disco classics mixed by a live DJ, that will uplift and rejuvenate. Disco Yoga will get people moving, laughing chatting and connecting. Bring a friend or make friends, everyone is welcome.

Mindful Movement Studio

Improve your techniques and learn how to prevent injury with some low impact methods

A full body workout where you will find your deep core muscles the way Joseph Pilates intended you to!

Have you ever wondered what the secret is behind a ballerina’s strength and grace? Now you can discover it with this specifically tailored beginner ballet class for adults. Lengthen your legs, strengthen your core, enhance your femininity and embrace your inner dancer by mastering the fundamental classical ballet steps, arm movements and positions of the body which will leave you feeling confident and walking taller!

Mashufaa is a stimulating African martial art system for developing the mind and body. Mashufaa is more than just self-defence – it can be a way to bring about real change – good health, high self-esteem, management of stress and a determined spiritual centre. Participants will learn to use their centre, hands & feet as instruments to defend oneself, keeping their body in a correct posture to avoid an advancing attack and knowing how to avoid confrontation.

The workshop will introduce and enable participants to perform simple effective defence, movement & escape techniques through inner strength, mind & body coordination. This will be achieved by improving stamina, flexibility, use of the breath, balance & posture.

If you’re not already familiar with the ballet burpee, you will be after this high intensity, low impact signature class by Xtend Barre. Expect all those small ballet-inspired movements that really burn but are key to building strength, combined with energetic cardio routines. And you don’t have to be a ballet pro or a Pilates expert to make the most out of this session, but you can expect a fun workout that tones, tightens and lengthens your limbs. Nice toes, naughty toes this is not.

The way we breathe is linked to every single system in the body, therefore we can use it as a tool to make instant changes in our physiology. In this session Richie will lead you through a series of breathing flows that will help to speed up your physical recovery after your days workouts and leave you on a natural high with a sense of peace, clarity and blissful energy that you may have never experienced in your life.