Spread across five studios and two stages, Women’s Health Live is bringing you the biggest and brightest names in wellness industry. Get inspired, learn from the experts, and work out with your favourite trainers.

Join Jillian Michaels, Ella Mills, Anna Victoria, Rochelle Humes, Adrienne Herbert, Gemma Atkinson and so many more! And we’re not finished yet – keep checking back as we continue to add more exciting names over the coming weeks.


Please purchase a General Access ticket via the homepage before booking your classes.

Your General Access ticket includes access to any talk on the Main Stage and in the Zen Den with no need to pre-book! You’ll also be able to discover the most exciting brands in health and wellness, from the latest athleisure in the Boutique Village to gym-proof skincare trends in the Beauty Lab.

Workout sessions and Science + Nutrition Stage tickets can be purchased for just £5 extra, so whether you want to sweat it out or soak up some knowledge, you can tailor your schedule to suit you.

Session tickets on their own will not permit entry to Women’s Health Live, you MUST have a General Access ticket to enter the festival.

Keep checking back for updates and new classes as we add to the schedule in the coming weeks!

Main Stage

Live interviews and panel discussions with the biggest names in wellness

You already know how to breathe, right? Well, maybe not when it comes to using it to overhaul your physical and mental health. Ashley Verma leads this interactive demo and panel talk to unpick the science and strengths of breathing the <right> way.

Kicking off our Project Body Love campaign, healthy cook and lifestyle guru Melissa Hemsley quizzes TV presenter Rochelle Humes, model Charli Howard and personal trainer Laura Hoggins on how their connection with their bodies has changed and how they navigate the tricky relationship between looks and self-esteem.

Learn the life-changing training secrets of personal trainer and fitfluencer Anna Victoria and Women’s Health cover star and mum-of-one Alexandra Felstead.

Once thought to be the preserve of bodybuilders and gym bros, strength training has been shown to shred fat, boost cardio fitness and help future-proof the body against injury and illness. WH columnist and PT Alice Liveing will sit down with actress-turned-fitspo Gemma Atkinson, ex-Olympian and gym founder Sarah Lindsay and Third Space master trainer Andy Vincent to explain why the benefits of squats and deadlifts for the female body far outweigh the wrongly held worries of bulking up.

Dr Hazel Wallace leads the conversation around nutritional medicine and, along with other advocates, discusses how what you put on your plate now could be the key to preventing future illness and living at optimum health.

Science and Nutrition Stage

Get the science-backed truths from the experts

Thinking about eschewing animal products? Or already doing so? This expert panel will show you how best to live the vegan life for your health and happiness.

With 10-minute appointments and generic checklists of symptoms, it can seem a struggle to be listened to or understood when you’re seeking a diagnosis. This talk will highlight where changes need to be made and help you feel more proactive and empowered when dealing with the current health system.

Has any topic clocked up as many health headlines in the past few years than the power of the gut? From probiotics to the gut-brain connection, this talk is about breaking down the complex science of microbiota into daily habits you can harness.

From tracking it on your wearable to buying shares in lavender relaxation sprays, sleep optimisation has never been bigger – and yet one in three Brits sleep poorly most nights. Roisín Dervish-O’Kane asks the experts to explain the science and suggest easy life hacks to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Zen Den

A cocoon of tranquillity to learn the more holistic approaches to wellbeing

Seeking purpose, a sense of direction or simply a boost in motivation? Author and goal-setting expert Shahroo Izadi guides you through a session that will help you make the most of your short-term and long-term future.

Author and crystal healer Tamara Driessen sits down with Victoria Joy to explain what different crystals represent, her path to becoming a healer and the ways you can use them in daily life.

Deriving its name from the Japanese for ‘universal life energy’, reiki is rooted in restoring the energy balance in the body. Practitioner Sushma Sagar tells you everything you need to know.

Could unblocking your energy flow be the key to finding balance, energy and happiness in your life? Victoria Joy explores the science of chakras with healer Georgia Coleridge.

Functional Studio

Train your muscles and test your endurance

Yoga Studio

Stretch, breathe and flow in our Yoga Studio

Rise and shine style yoga flow. A perfect way to kickstart your day.

A skills-based yoga class, focusing on arm balances and inversions.

London’s first (and dopest!) Hip-Hop Yoga & Meditation class.